chatdiva6:51:04pmVery cool. Did you hear your shout out from Jesse AJ?
AJ6:51:20pmyes! nice
chatdiva7:04:26pmAny questions?
AJ7:04:38pmnot yet
chatdiva7:06:07pmBeanie Man crushin' it
Adrian Allen7:15:20pmOh Yea! Capleton!!
AJ7:16:17pmwhat about Tyrese?
chatdiva7:16:26pmbrrrap brrrap brrraap!!
chatdiva7:16:44pmTyrese said he loves you
AJ - Pro Video Production7:18:13pmNice show Jesse
Adrian Allen7:18:22pmvery nice
AJ - Pro Video Production7:18:52pmCan i replay for better understand? about time code?
chatdiva7:18:54pmThanks for tuning in
chatdiva7:19:13pmJah Rastafari. Irie heights ya'll
chatdiva7:19:46pmWe will have this available on demand in about 30 minutes
AJ - Pro Video Production7:20:06pmok great
chatdiva7:20:14pmActually, Jesse says we will stream it again right now so you can check out the time section part.
Sar7:21:17pmHey Linds! Just caught the last few minutes
chatdiva7:22:30pm(it's jesse sar.
thanks for watching!!)
the stream should be back up.
we'll have it on-demand for you shortly so you can ff and rew
AJ - Pro Video Production7:43:44pmhi no problem i am watching again
AJ - Pro Video Production7:43:54pmi just have an question about dvd
AJ - Pro Video Production7:46:06pmi record all my events in Pro Res 422 (LT) and try to burn it to dvd
AJ - Pro Video Production7:46:50pmi edit it up to 2 hrs or maybe 2 hrs and 30 min the most, but i get error burning it
AJ - Pro Video Production7:47:26pmwhat the best way burning these long events to DVD, also i know the more footage you burn unto a DVD the quality drop
jesse9:30:23pmbest way is to downcovert live, and use a real-time dvd recorder
jesse9:30:38pmyou can typically change the setting on the dvd recorder to lp or xp to get longer record times on the dvd
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