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Chat aranga6:31:31pmHello happy viewers
Chat aranga6:33:15pmare you seeing and hearing our show so far?
Chat aranga6:34:46pmhave you signed up for Directing Motion Tour with Vincent Laforet?
Chat aranga6:34:52pmJuly 1?
Chat aranga6:37:38pmhave you seen this commercial?
Denis 6:40:30pmHi sorry for been late
Chat aranga6:41:03pmHi Denis, nice to have you in the chat
Chat aranga6:41:39pmspeaking of chatting, Vincent is a wonderful chatter
Denis 6:43:32pmyeahhh go colombia
Chat aranga6:47:52pmAmerica goooooooooooooooooooooal!
Chat aranga6:51:24pmany questions so far?
Denis 7:00:00pmexcellent show
Denis 7:00:07pmlike always jesse
Chat aranga7:00:39pmthanks Denis!
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