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chat me up6:21:51pmwho's getting video and audio? we are about to start
chat me up6:24:51pmlive host in 6 minutes, are you watching?
Adrian Allen6:32:27pmLive in the building!
chat me up6:33:20pmHi Adrian, recovered from nab?
Adrian Allen6:34:13pmoh yes, ready to go again!
chat me up6:34:54pmEXCELLENT
chat me up6:36:16pmask Jesse a questions
chat me up6:36:32pmask Jesse a question, I mean
Adrian Allen6:40:15pmIs that for the c500 only or the entire line?
Adrian Allen6:40:22pmc300 and c100
Adrian Allen6:40:38pmThe autofocus feature that is
chat me up6:41:08pmthanks for the question, Adrian
Adrian Allen6:41:31pmwohoo! great!
chat me up6:48:37pmaudio questions?
chat me up6:56:11pmIf you were at NAB, let me know what you liked best
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