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mtv dan6:14:24pmhi everyone!
mtv dan6:23:16pmWho's excited about the show?
Miroslav Nikolov6:27:28pm I am
Midtown Dan6:29:12pmAwesome guys, if you have any questions for Jesse or general questions feel free to ask
Banana stand6:32:42pmI am!
Jamaica Mon!6:38:01pmTo ST Kitts next year!
Midtown Dan6:47:11pmAny questions on the FS7??
Midtown Dan6:47:33pmIs that Squiddly talkin' about St Kitts?
Jamaica Mon!6:48:23pmHaHa! Lukkee
Midtown Dan6:49:40pmJesse says Hi!
Jamaica Mon!6:50:26pmHi back.
Midtown Dan6:54:46pmAny question for Mr. Chapman?
Erik Russell6:56:00pmfrom the Bahamas!
Douglas Call6:57:13pmHollywood Florida. Sony F65 Owner & NEX-FS700R
Midtown Dan6:58:03pmShout outs!
Midtown Dan6:58:31pmC300 FTW!
Midtown Dan7:00:17pmAny questions for Operator Bill?
Jamaica Mon!7:05:42pmHow heavy is the rig?
Midtown Dan7:05:53pmThats our very own Operator Alex handling the DJI looking for Bill
Jamaica Mon!7:05:54pmwith that camera
Erik Russell7:07:16pmIs the remote controller included in the package?
Midtown Dan7:07:35pm9.2 lbs for the bare DJI rig!
Midtown Dan7:13:17pmIkan light questions?
Midtown Dan7:15:10pmThanks again guys for tuning in! Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!
Omar The Red7:31:48pmim i late for the ronin?
Omar The Red7:33:38pm?
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