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jesse3:38:28pmHey Everyone! thanks for logging in to watch our 5 year anniversary episode
Miroslav Nikolov6:18:57pmhappy to do so
Videomaniac6:25:27pmHi there, good luck, Jesse
ChatDiva6:31:21pmThanks ya'll!
Videomaniac6:33:33pmHi Linz and the Tman
ChatDiva6:34:01pmHello there!
ChatDiva6:34:40pmIs this Kenn?
ChatDiva6:36:12pmIf anyone has questions throughout the show, please feel free to shoot them over!
Annelice6:40:26pmHappy Birthday Jesse
ChatDiva6:41:32pmThanks Annelice
Videomaniac6:43:24pmClose, not Kenn
Videomaniac6:44:15pmHi Linz , send my happy b'day wishes
ChatDiva6:44:44pmI sure will.
Pro VP St.Kitts > AJ6:49:30pmholla at jesse, its me AJ from st.kitts
Annelice6:51:49pmdoes it have a motor for timelaps and stuff?
ChatDiva6:51:52pmWelcome AJ
Pro VP St.Kitts > AJ7:05:06pmHappy birthday jesse
randy7:30:34pmJust got here
randy7:31:40pmHappy Birthday Jesse
randy7:32:20pmHi Lyndsie
jesse8:11:23pmaj, randy,
thanks you guys!
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